Don Ellis The Lost Tapes Vol 3


Comprising entirely of previously unreleased material, the fascinating ‘Lost Tapes Vol. 3’ from Jazz trumpeter, drummer, composer and bandleader Don Ellis is released on 27 August 2021 on CD and digital through Sleepy Night Records.

The collection is based upon a treasure trove of recordings, photos, letters, video, scores and music supplied to Sleepy Night Records by the late Ken Orton. The musician sadly died three years ago, but he had the biggest worldwide collection of Don’s material and worked with Don’s family to preserve his memory.

The album closes, fittingly, with Don Ellis’ last ever recording. Laid down in 1978, Vulcan was recorded in a club but on this collection Sleepy Night Records have enhanced this track, by adding in new keyboard parts, bass, drums, strings and a new guitar solo. By not deviating from the original spirit, and keeping the track honest, this has breathed new life into this cassette recording. In fact, the process has worked so well, that it is an approach that Sleepy Night Records are likely to revisit in the future(The original version of Vulcan will be available on all digital platforms)

Big Thanks to Nick Di Scala for advising, Producing and suppling tracks .

Track Listing

1. Climbin’ That Mountain     
2. My!                                      
3. Bombay Bossa Nova       
4. It’s Time Again                  
5. Fire Dance                           
6. Let’s Do It This Way For a While 
7. T.R.                                         
8. Desire!                                  
9. Vulcan                                   
10. Climbin’ That Mountain (Reprise)

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